Hello ! My name is Louise and I

Design & Develop

Digital User Experiences

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I firmly believe design is a process, not something that you put on top of a ready-made digital solution to make it look good.

This is why my work integrate design strategies and user involvement into business models that creates simple solutions that people will love because it makes everyday tasks easier and more pleasant to fulfill.

About what I do

digital content

I am experienced in using different kinds of digital media to communicate business strength and emphasize value propositions.

Optimize User Experiences

My digital solutions are grounded in knowledge of their users, making them intuitive and inviting for users to interact with.


In different languages, I build websites that are aesthetically appetizing and drawn on simple information architecture.

Craft Digital installations

My curiosity for how technology can be used to reflect on our world, have drawn me to exhibit various interactive art installations.

Skill set

Premiere pro
Garage band
Usability testing
Copy writing
Project management